Phoenix Roof Maintenance

Roof Replacement in Phoenix

Durafoam Roofing knows that a deteriorating roof can lead to expensive damage to your building’s interior. We offer a free professional evaluation of your roof’s condition to help you make an informed decision on your Phoenix roof replacement. One call to (480) 941-5373 gets you a knowledgeable technician who will provide a free, no-obligation estimate for a brand new roof. We specialize in foam, tile and shingle roofs and we have expertise in all roofing types and materials.

Foam, Tile and Shingle Roofs

AOur all-weather urethane foam system is applied by a sprayer which provides a seamless blanket of insulation to your roof. The result in a waterproof, weather-resistant covering for either a new or an existing roof. Energy savings with this system range from 15% to as much as 40% on monthly heating bills.

A Durafoam Roofing tile re-roofing is naturally non-combustible, resistant to mold, rotting, and damage caused by insects, can withstand hurricane-force winds, and does not shrink and expand with temperature fluctuations. Tile roofing also has reflective properties that increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. And, don’t forget the classic design elements that accompany a beautiful new tile roof.

A shingle replacement roof by Durafoam Roofing features flexible, weather-resistant shingles available in a variety of styles and colors to match your home’s exterior. A top-notch shingle roof, the most popular type roof in the Phoenix area, can last 20 years or more. Let us know if you are considering re-roofing.

Quality Re-Roofing

Regardless of the type of your roof replacement, Durafoam Roofing uses only high-quality, name brand materials. A free estimate from one of our highly-trained professionals ensures you are well-versed in your roofing choices. Want a traditional shingle roof, or a decorative tile roof? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, ensuring you make the best decision possible. How about a energy efficient foam roof? With either, you’ll still get our two decades of experience and experts to guide you through the entire process of your roof replacement in Phoenix.