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Elastomeric Roofing in Phoenix

If you are looking for a long-lasting, waterproof, and durable roof coating, then why not give Durafoam Roofing a call today for elastomeric roof coating in Phoenix? Elastomeric roof coatings are state-of-the-art roofing technology. These coatings will help protect your roof for years to come, and they are easy to install and maintain. If this kind of roof coating interests you, then give us a call today!

The main advantage of a elastomeric roof coating in Phoenix is its ability to protect a foam roof against UV Rays, Sunlight, and Moisture. Foam roofs are by their nature very resilient and waterproof, but adding the extra component of a strong roof coating increases the lifespan of the roof.

The coating is always applied after the initial foam is laid down, and there are some strict rules about how and when to apply the elastomeric coating:

  • The coating must not be too thick in order to allow the foam roof to flex and contract in hot and cold weather.
  • The coating must be strong enough to endure the local climactic conditions.
  • The coating needs to protect the foam from the buildup of water vapor
  • The coating has to pass an inspection to ensure that it is fire-resistant.

Once all these variables are taken care of, you will end up with a roof coating that will drastically impact the longevity of the roof. If you are out shopping for elastomeric foam roof coating contractors in Phoenix, give us a call today! We will give you a great deal on your new roof and maintenance of your roof!

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