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Flat Roof in Phoenix

Flat roofs, common in the Phoenix area, have been protecting home and business owners from the elements for hundreds of years. And for good reason; they’re structurally simple, durable and versatile roofing options.

Durafoam Roofing expertly installs and repairs these reliable, long-lasting, and inexpensive roofs; we have for more than 20 years.

Durafoam’s top-notch technicians use foam or rubber for flat roofing projects, taking care to create water-tight seals to counter drainage issues that could potentially lead to leaks or mildew.

EPDM, or rubber roofing, is a reliable and durable option for flat roofing applications. It is installed three different ways – laid loose with ballast holding it down, fastened to the roof with bars and buttons or fully adhered to the roof deck.

A Great Choice for Flat Roofs

Foam, in many instances, is the best choice for topping flat roofs since there are no seams that could eventually result in leaks. In addition, foam roofs actually add insulation to your home or business, helping to trim your monthly energy bills. Plus, since it’s lightweight, we can usually install it on top of your old roof. Durafoam Roofing covers its foam roofs with a UV protective layer that allows our work to last 20 years or more.

Durafoam Roofing also offers foam roof repairs. When adding an air-conditioning unit, skylight or anything that requires a cut in your foam roof, we provide highly-trained technicians that use only the best materials to make certain that your roof meets your expectations.

Our extended flat roof service area includes the following communities:

Durafoam Roofing specializes in installing and repairing all types of flat roofs. For more information about us, or to make an appointment with one of our in-house roofing professionals.

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