Different Tile Roof Styles

Man Repairing a Tile Roof

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If you’re looking to upgrade your residential roof from asphalt to more durable roofing material, perhaps you should consider installing a tile roof. Roofing tiles are extremely durable and are resistant to damage from strong winds, small hailstones and even fire. With proper installation, a tile roof can increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. There are also a variety of different styles to choose from, so you can pick the roof that will best suit the design of your house. For more information about installing a tile roof on your home, contact the office of Durafoam Roofing.

What Type of Tile Roof Should You Get?

Tile roofing comes in several different materials and styles. Each one provides different benefits for your home. Here are three popular kinds of tile roof materials.

Ceramic Roof Tiles
A ceramic tile roof provides an elegant appearance for brick, stone and wooden buildings. The tiles are made from clay and have been heated in a kiln to make them strong and durable. Modern ceramic roof tiles receive a color glaze to improve their appearance.

Metal Tiles
Metal tile roofing provides the appearance of a traditional tile roof.  In climates that experience significant temperature changes, metal roofing tiles make a great roof because they expand and contract.  This prevents the roofing materials from becoming brittle.  There are many different colors and styles of metal roofing tiles available on the market.

Stone Coated Tiles
Stone Coated roof tiles are a type of metal roof tile that has been coated with a stone coating to provide the appearance of a ceramic or concrete tile roof with the benefits of metal tiles. These roofs also work well in all types of climates.

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What You Need To Know About Residential Shingle Roofs

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Are Your Shingles In Need Of Repairs?

If you live in a residential suburb, chances are that most of the homes around you are covered with asphalt shingle roofs. As an inexpensive and good-looking roof solution, it’s no surprise that so many homeowners choose it. However, it is surprising how many homeowners allow their roofs to fall into a state of disrepair. Today we will share a few ways you can determine if your shingle roof is in need of repairs!

Granules in Your Gutters

The asphalt granules on your shingles work to protect your shingles from the elements. If your shingles are missing granules, they become susceptible to damages from rain, wind, and UV rays. The next time you clear your rain gutters, watch out for an excessive build up of granules. Shingles will lose some granules naturally, but a large number implies the shingles are either deficient or old.


Missing or Damaged Shingles

If extreme winds or a weather event have taken shingles off your roof, they need to be replaced ASAP. A large number of missing shingles is often a sign that your entire roof should be replaced. Curled, cracked, or buckled shingles also mean you need speedy repairs.

Old Age

After about 20 years, you should consider roof replacement for asphalt shingles. Shingle roofing systems that have become too old can break down any time. If you do not have the age of your roof, your neighbors may be able to help, since it is likely that their roof is close to the same age.



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3 Reasons to Get a Foam Roof on Your House

If you’re thinking about upgrading your residential roof, foam roofing might not be your first thought. Traditionally, foam roofing has been used on commercial roofs, but it is making its way over to the residential roofing market. If you would like more information about a residential foam roof, call Durofoam Roofing at 480-941-5373.

Why Is Foam Roofing a Good Choice?


Residential Foam Roof Material

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There are so many reasons why a residential foam roof is a good choice for any roof. Here are a few of the big reasons why you might want to consider having a foam roof installed on your home.

Energy Efficiency

Once the spray foam hardens on your roof, it provides your home with another layer of insulation. This means that when it is hot outside, your roof is going to keep your house cool. When it gets cold outside, your roof will keep your house warm. This could have a positive impact on your energy bills.

Foam roofing materials have an incredibly long functional life. Many residential roofing materials have a functional life of around 20 to 30 years, but foam roofing can last for up to 50 years. This means that you will probably only install one foam roof in the time you live in your house.

Residential Foam Roof Spray Gun

Residential Foam Roof Materials Are Sprayed Directly Onto the Roof, Making This a Leak Proof Roof.

Leak Proof
The installation process of spraying foam on the roof means the roof is installed as one piece and there are no seams that could potentially start leaking later down the road. The foam also expands around equipment on your roof, such as your chimney or ventilation fans. This means that you don’t have to worry about roof flashing starting to leak either.

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3 Tips For Maintaining A Foam Roof

Spray foam roofing

Spray foam roofing is fairly low maintenance, but it does require some!

Do you have a foam roof in Phoenix, AZ? If you do, you already know that your roof has some of the most reliable protection in the roofing industry. These roof systems provide protection from water, and increased UV protection too. While they are regarded as a low maintenance roofing type, it is still important to keep up with these three things!

Stay Consistent

While every roof should be inspected at least once per year, the most diligent of roof owners will want to check once every time the season changes, as well as any times a storm passes through. These are all times where your roof can get into some trouble, so briefly scanning your roof for issues on a consistent basis can be very helpful for the longevity of your roof.

Clean Thoroughly

When you go up on your roof, the first thing you want to do is scan for debris. If you see any leaves, dirt, or nests, they need to be removed or relocated. Things on your roof can cause necessary damage. A soft broom and a quick sweep should keep your roof in great condition. Also keep in mind that furniture does NOT belong on your foam roof, and it will significantly shorten the lifespan of your roofing choice.

Watch For Changes

Once you’ve swept away any debris, look for signs of discoloration. This can indicate there is a corrosive substance affecting your roof. Also keep an eye out for any changes in texture. Your roof should feel similar to an orange peel, so if the texture becomes more obvious or dramatic, you’ll definitely want to give us a call for repairs, before the problem spreads.


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3 Tips for Skylight Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Your skylight is beautiful but can be expensive to repair if not properly cared for from the beginning. However, most homeowners don’t know that there are specific skylight maintenance activities. These three simple steps can not only keep your skylight looking beautiful but can maximize its lifespan as well.

skylight in homeCleaning your Skylight

This seems elementary, but did you know that acrylic skylights can only be cleaned with certain solutions? Not knowing how to properly clean your skylight can lead to a shortened life because of deterioration or weakening.

Glass and Leak Inspections

When inspecting the glass and seal of your skylight, examine the light from both the inside and outside to ensure inspection from all angles. Check for cracks in the seal along with uneven edges where the glass and seal meet. Any leaks or cracks should be repaired promptly.

Examination of Mechanical Parts

If your skylight opens, there are motorized components to your skylight that should be checked, also. These should be inspected for proper lubrication and smooth functioning. If gears seem to be struggling or if the motor seems slow, it may be time for repairs.

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Protective Roof Coatings In Phoenix, AZ

protective roof coating

Prevent UV Damage On Your Roof With A Protective Roof Coating!

As a business owner, your roof may be the last thing on your mind. Many people only think about their roofs when there is an obvious problem that affects the operations within the building. However, by the time roof problems are noticed within a building, the damage is quite extensive. While your roof is in place to protect you and your building from the elements, it isn’t invincible. In fact, just like us, your roof is susceptible to significant damage from the sun! UV rays can break down just about any material over time, but with a roof coating, you can certainly extend the level of protection for your roof.

Flat and low-slope commercial roofs are ideal candidates for roof coatings, witch are typically liquid applied or heat-sealed. These coatings can protect your roof in a variety of ways that will extend the life of your roof by 10 years or more. Put simply, a roof coating is a protective barrier for your roof, that is far less susceptible to damage from UV rays. When a roof coating is maintained properly, it can provide an unbeatable level of protection. Beyond UV protection, a roof coating can also protect your building from heat. Many roof coatings are highly reflective, and available in white. This allows them to reflect heat, and keep your energy bills low.

A properly installed roof coating will also address other issues with your current roofing system. These applications can cover warped and broken shingles, as well as cover leaks, and prevent issues from pooling water.

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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

metal roofs

Though metal roofs have well-known benefits, they also come with drawbacks.

Metal roofs present an attractive option for many homeowners. The durability of these roofs is well established, and homeowners could understandably make their choice with this idea in mind. Metal roofs have many drawbacks to go along with their benefits, however. Before you make a decision one way or another, consider the pros alongside the cons.

Pros of Metal Roofs

Lifespan: If installed properly, a metal roof can last just as long as your home. In addition to its resilience to water, high winds, and hail, a metal roof will also not submit to mold or pests.

Ease of Installation: A metal roof can get installed in record time, especially when compared to asphalt shingle roofs. This will understandably mean quite a lot if a homeowner has just lost their roof to a storm.

Elemental Resistance: Metal roofs have premier resistance to fire and water both. In the event of the former, the roof will not catch to burn the rest of the house. With water, metal roofs shed it faster than traditional alternatives, which helps prevent rot.

Cons of Metal Roofs

Cost: A metal roof costs as much as any other premium roofing material. If you have budget concerns, you can find much cheaper alternatives.

Disruptive Noise: A metal roof can become notoriously noisy throughout a rainstorm. If hail occurs in your area, then you definitely want to take noise into consideration.

Denting: Some metal roofs, though not all, are prone to denting. This may or may not bother individual homeowners. In the case of a painted metal roof, the paint can also chip or wear away.

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Spray Foam Roofing Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Interested in an alternative to your current home roofing system? Spray foam roofing is an excellent options for home and business roofing! This roofing system is rapidly growing in popularity across the country, for more reasons than one!

Spray foam roofing

Spray foam roofing is a great alternative to traditional roof systems!


Particularly known for its waterproofing qualities, foam roofing is made of millions of tiny, closed cells that resist water and even vapor penetration. For added protection, this roofing system is always accompanied by an elastomeric coating.


These roof systems are also known for being quite sustainable. Unlike the traditional shingle roof, spray foam creates far less waste. Foam roofing is made from recyclable materials, and is very cost-effective as well.


Despite the lightweight quality of foam, this roofing system is incredibly durable. It is very strong, and will not sag, even under heavy foot traffic. Dropped tools may damage it slightly, but the repairs are as simple as foam caulking. Additionally, foam roofs perform well in areas prone to extreme weather, in comparison to traditional roofing systems.


Furthermore, this roof system in incredibly versatile. You will see this technique used on various roof types, including domed, flat and pitched. This system is equally beneficial as a new installment or replacement roof. This foam is also a great way to avoid costly tear-off procedures, as it can typically be seamlessly applied over your existing roof.

Interested in Spray Foam Roofing?

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Acrylic vs Polyurethane Roofing

Flat Roof BuildingNeed a new roof coating? There are several types of coating materials available but it’s important to find the one best suited to your roof. We’ll go over to common types of roofing coatings: acrylic and polyurethane. Each has their benefits and drawbacks but will work well depending on the shape of your roof.


Need a budget friendly and non-toxic roof coating applied? Acrylic is a water based material which makes it environment friendly. It’s also a highly reflective material which makes it the perfect option for a UV resistant roof. Acrylic is not recommended for flat roofs due to being a water based coating. This makes it more susceptible to ponding. It is better suited to sloped roofs. If you need a weather resistant roof that can hold up to varying temperatures, hail, and debris, your best bet is a polyurethane coating. While acrylic has a long life span, it isn’t built to withstand a lot of damage.


If you are looking for a durable, weather resistant roof coating, the Polyurethane coating may be your best option. The coating is very durable compared to Acrylic due to be a thicker coating. It is more resilient to water, storms, hail, and high foot traffic. It’s also a solvent based material. This increases the durability and makes it more resistant to ponding. Because of this, polyurethane is the best coating for flat roofs compared to acrylic. However, if a UV protective coating is what you’re looking for, acrylic would be the better of the two. Aromatic polyurethane, the most common type applied, has little to no UV resistance. Aliphaltic polyurethane does have UV protection but it is more expensive.

Get Quality Roof Coating Applications

Having roof coatings professionally applied will ensure you have a durable roofing system that lasts for years without issue. If you are looking for roof coatings in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact Durafoam Roofing today at [nw_data field=phone]. We’ll help you find the best coating material for your roof.

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

There are many advantages of tile roof systems; however, there are also some downsides to consider. If you’re thinking about installing a new tile roof, consider these pros and cons of tile roofing before making a decision!

Advantages of Tile Roofing

pros and cons of tile roofingTile roofs offer many advantages, from unparalleled style to little maintenance and easy repair. They are most well known for their durability and eco-friendly benefits, though. Tile roofs are Class A fire resistant, can withstand golf ball sized hail, 150 mph winds, and heavy rain. On average, a tile roof can last 100 years or more!

If you’re eco-conscious, then you’ll enjoy tile roofing’s earth-friendly materials, reflectivity, natural air flow, and long lifespan. It can also help reduce your home’s cooling costs by reflecting heat from the sun and keeping your home naturally cooler.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

The two biggest cons to tile roos are cost and weight. Tile is considered a premium roofing material, and costs between $400 to $1,000 per square. A roof square is equal to 100 square feet, and the average home has about 22 to 26 squares. Material and style will affect the cost of your tile roof. For example, concrete tiles are lower in price while terracotta clay are more costly. In contrast, a standard asphalt shingle roof costs about half as much as the average tile roof.

The other disadvantage is the roof’s weight. Tiles are very heavy, and if your home had a shingle or metal roof before, it may not be strong enough to support a tile roof. This may require additional structural supports, which can increase the cost further. However, this is not a problem for some homeowners.

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