Shingle vs Tile Roof

Whether planning to refurbish your current home or building your dream home, one thing for sure is that the roofing material is a critical component you’d want to consider and get it right. Average homes require a roof overhaul after 20 to 50 years and if you make the right decision when choosing the material, you’ll be lucky and undertake roof maintenance and repair on the upper side of this limit. The two most common roofing materials are asphalt shingles and tiles and there’s something unique that makes either of them unique and favorable among homeowners. Roofing is a great investment and before spending your hard-earned money, it’s important to learn more about shingle vs tile roof and make an informed decision.

Shingle vs Tile Roof


If you are considering shingle vs tile roof due to their popularity, it’s important to compare them closely and make an individual decision based on your preferences and your household needs. Also, always make sure it is professionally installed, so that way you don’t have to deal with a poor roofing job. There are various factors that influence either type of roofing materials and you should be aware of what you are getting yourself into.


What is shingle roofing?

Shingle roofs are made of various shingles made from asphalt, a bituminous substance with heat-reflecting and waterproof properties that make shingles roofs popular roofing material especially in North America. An individual shingle is small and rectangular made from a variety of materials such as slate, fiberglass, shake, copper, wood, or asphalt. Today, most shingle roofs are using a combination of asphalt/fiberglass mixture to provide combined durability. During roof installation, many of them overlap to keep water out and provide protection from elements.


What is tile roofing?Shingle vs Tile Roof

Tiles are made from terra cotta or slate. They are sealed to the roof in parallel rows to increase the durability and protection of your roof and overlap to keep rainwater out. Tile roof is very popular across the world and has been used longer than modern asphalt shingles. The high strength and weight of the tiles are exceptional and can last for as many as 100 years before the need to completely replace them.

Shingle vs Tile Roof: The Difference


  • Pricing

If you are on a tight budget and looking forward to the best roof, shingles would be a perfect choice; they are cheap and stylish. On the other hand, tile roofs are twice as costly as shingles due to their quality material and sealing process. However, tiles last longer and will definitely offer more bang for your buck.


  • Climate resistance

Shingles do wonders in warm regions such as Southeast as they reflect sunlight to keep the inside of your house cool thereby reducing costs related to cooling. Also, shingles do well in snowy climates. On the other hand, tiles do well in cold climates and can withstand snow without getting damaged.


  • Durability

Shingle roofing lasts 15 to 20 years while tile roofs last 30 to 40 years.Shingle vs Tile Roof


  • Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining shingles is a walk in the park because the asphalt seals provide no room for moisture. On the other hand, tile roofs can allow small plants, mold, and animals to hide in the crevices making it difficult to maintain.


Bottom line

Your home is a lifetime investment and if you want to enjoy the condition inside your house, choose the roofing materials wisely. Shingle vs tile roof is without a doubt the most common and both of them provide the elegance you’d be looking for in a roof. However, consider the climate in your area, the cost of the material and the architectural design of your home and decide which one to install. Durafoam Inc. has trained professional with a plethora of knowledge for any roofing job.